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That has 26 customer comments.

     Quality feedback
  shiva&peace from Germany
Subject: Quality feedback
Date:2011-05-01 05:00:44
Hi Robert, We have now received this first painting. We are satisfied with the painting and will now continue to order from your goodself

     Quality Feedback
  Joe from Canada
Subject: Quality Feedback
Date:2011-04-22 18:10:40
Yes they are very nicely made and am very happy with them send my regards to your artist

     Quality Feedback
  Kath from Australia
Subject: Quality Feedback
Date:2010-12-17 07:50:01
Yes, I am very hapy with the quality of the painting. Many thanks Kath

     quality feedback
  frank from China
Subject: quality feedback
Date:2010-05-05 15:53:37
we are very satisfied

     quality feedback
  liuhj000 from USA
Subject: quality feedback
Date:2010-05-05 11:10:12
very very good

     Quality Feedback for 23pcs paintings
  Customer from Belgium
Subject: Quality Feedback for 23pcs paintings
Date:2009-11-24 16:25:55
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 11:31:24 +0200 Dear Frank, We received the paintings and everything seems OK. Thanks and best regards,

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