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A warm welcome to visit our online Gallery.and you can buy 100% Handmade oil paintings here.
  • Have you just moved into a new home?
  • Does your new office have a bare wall?
  • Are you looking for gifts for mother's day, valentine's day...?
  • Do you wanted to own a masterpiece oil painting? such as "Mona Lisa" by Da Vinci , "The Starry Night" by Van Gogh , or " The Kiss" by Klimt .
  • Have you a favorite photograph should be painted into portrat painting ? Perhaps of you. Perhaps of your family or parents. Perhaps of your pet.
If our guess is correct. Now, you are at the right place.   goodoilpaintings.com is composed of a group of outstanding artists. who paint all oil paintings themselves and deal with you directly. So there is no Middleman. We can offer you the highest available quality against affordable prices. Now, there are over 100,000pcs oil paintings here for you to choose. All of our oil paintings are 100% handmade on a blank canvas with oils. Our experienced artists work in the same way that Da Vinci , Monet and  Klimt did. They start with a sketch, add details, fill in the colors, add textures and highlights, and the results are extraordinary. In the end, you’ll own a true work of art. Please be assured that No Printing or digital imaging techniques are ever used. You will be proud to own 100% hand painted oil paintings and that you can pass down to future generations.
Most of our oil paintings are  reproductions of masterpiece and famous oil painting.  Everything from classical era, through impressionism , up to today's modern art. We also create oil paintings from your favorite photographs. Paintings come in any sizes the customer required. The museum quality comes from the eyes, skills , experience and knowledge of  talented artists .Our each artist specializes in some particular genre and with at least 10 years experienced.

They can reproduct oil paintings very close to the original oil paintings in color,style and texture.

You can smell the oils, touch the texture and the brushstrokes, feel the emotion of the artists and the pure craft of the original masterpiece.

If you like to buy your favorite oil painting here, only you should do is to choose your favorite image from our website or send us your picture . We will assign a professional artist to do it. As soon as the painting has finished, we will send you a digital version of the oil painting by email for approval, so you can have a look at it. Then, You can instruct us to have a correction till you are 100% satisfied. 
All our prices include shipping and handling costs. So no additional costs. The museum quality oil paintings will arrive at your home securely packed just about three weeks from today. As soon as it arrives, carefully unpack it -- then stand back and admire. You'll be thrilled beyond words, we assure you. "And all this from a photograph," you'll exclaim.

If you do not see the oil painting you want on our site, rest assured our artists can paint any work you desire. Email us perfect-gallery@hotmail.com   We will respond with a quite promptly.